Power Of


  • Prevent Fraud

  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns

  • Estimate Future Revenue

  • Calculate Risk Better

Time Is Money.

  • iTuring, our Next Generation Automated Machine Learning Platform makes use of the most advanced feature engineering techniques to find out appropriate and significant features.


  • One click solution to build Predictive Algorithms in a fraction of the typical time cycle.


  • Our next generation Automated Machine Learning platform dramatically reduces the time required to create highly accurate predictive models from months to a few hours without the need for a large team of data science experts.


  • Then it builds thousands of machine learning algorithms in a fraction of time, thus saving precious business time.

Our Product.

  • iTuring – Our proprietary next-gen Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) platform is a complete Business Solution to make the most out of your data.
  • It self-learns, mines, predicts and scores events in real time, resulting in better and faster classification, predictions, estimations and optimization solutions.
  • Ensures accurate predictions in a fraction of time, compared to traditional human led approach.
  • It also provides real time scoring and auto documentation to remove the myth – “Machine Learning is a black box”.
  • iTuring captures every step of data science process for compliance purposes.
  • Our product also offers explainable AI to help organizations interpret the predictions of any machine learning classifier and evaluate its usefulness.
  • The impact is direct in enhanced revenue, improved customer experience, as well as, improved profitability.

How Can CyborgIntell Add Value To

Your Business?

Our AI and ML enabled platform – iTuring Accelerates Decision Making by providing end-to-end modeling process.

Streamlined end to end AI driven Autonomous performance decision system

Multiple best in class statistical methods for each step, along with “proprietary algorithms

High fidelity user interface with detailed analytical process (No Black Box Approach)

Hassle-free model deployment through API, scoring code generator in multiple languages

Real-time model performance monitoring & auto-retraining



Real Time Scoring



Real Time Performance Tracking



The Secret of Weaving Your Data Into a Best-Selling Story