About CyborgIntell

The intersection of AI and business


CyborgIntell was formed to fill a gap in the market. There was already AI and ML, and predictive analytics tools and businesses using it. There were smart algorithms and code and great programmes. But they didn’t really provide what the market needed— AutoAI based predictions that were fast, accurate, explainable, efficient at scale and actionable. Existing products needed scarce data science skills, adequate understanding of technology as well as domain knowledge to derive real value, making them beyond the reach of most.


iTuring AutoAI is radically different. We’ve developed a product that is changing the way businesses use AI.

CyborgIntell was started by the best in the business. These ‘unicorns’ are the perfect combination of mathematical and statistical understanding, critical and analytical thinking, expert domain knowledge and a strong working knowledge of programming language. With rich client facing and business experience from industries such as banking, insurance and healthcare and roles ranging across the spectrum, the diverse experience in CyborgIntell has ensured it’s the best AutoAI system for your business.

What does CyborgIntell do


We create wealth from your data. We know that data science is part science, and part art. Anyone can create predictions, but it takes industry knowledge, exceptional understanding of statistics and in-depth software-writing skills to produce highly accurate, explainable predictions.


Our mission is to empower business users, data scientists, analysts, technologists and citizen data scientists with AutoAI and machine learning. We are revolutionising the AI and ML industry with our market-leading technologies. iTuring AutoAI not only saves you time and money, but also opens up a world of possibility for growth, enhancing business processes and refining business strategies.

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