About Us

Who We Are 

Strategists, Data Science & Analytics Veterans and Technology Experts

Founded in 2018 with a burning passion to revolutionize the potential of Data, using the next gen AI and ML platform. Each of us bring to the table a bouquet of rich experience, having worked in great organizations and exceeding client expectations across geographies and industries, staying true to our core belief – Innovation. 

In our professional journey of one and a half decades, we have witnessed the evolution of ‘Data Analytics’ to ‘Big Data Analytics’ to ‘Data Science’ and now into ‘AI & Machine Learning’. 

What We Do 

Creating wealth out of your Data.

Providing a futuristic and robust AI and ML driven Predictive Product, which can be deployed and used effortlessly within your system or on Cloud to get the best insights and predictions, within 1/8th of a complete day, thereby saving manpower, time and money considerably.