The banking and finance industry is under increased pressure. Banks today struggle with making decisions in the face of uncertainty, huge compliance and regulatory obligations, and rapidly changing customer behaviour. As technology evolves, so do the risks and challenges of acquiring and retaining customers from the increased competition from neo and digital banks. The disruption within the banking industry means that traditional business analytics and data science models no longer apply.


In the past, analytics tools have not provided timely insights, nor have they responded to changes by providing accurate future predictions. Analytics solutions need to be constantly evolving to develop models that not only accurately predict outcomes, but also recognise when the prediction quality degrades and adjust to ensure continued valid information.


Banks need predictions that create timely and actionable answers for tangible business problems. The information provided has to be truly relevant to make timely and intelligent business decisions.

Transform your business with CyborgIntell

The solution to these challenges lies in leveraging disruptive AutoAI technology that can scale. Prior to the advent of artifcial intelligence, models used to take months to develop. Now, this has reduced to weeks and days. AI has taken away the subjectivity and bias, and models can now be developed signifcantly faster, providing on-demand scalability with much higher accuracy than before.


CyborgIntell’s advanced AutoAI solutions solve end to end data science problems, enabling revenue growth, reducing operational costs, increasing effciency, and minimising risk.


With minimal human intervention, iTuring AutoAI creates the best model, which provides the most accurate predictions, and that means less loss.

  • Reduce Risk

    • Assess credit risk
    • Identify instances of fraud and money laundering
    • Predict customers likely to default

  • Increase Revenue

    • Target prospects likely to respond to campaigns
    • Retain profitable customers with accurate scoring and segmentation
    • Enable micro segmentation for better insights & strategy

  • Engage Customers

    • Increase customer adoption
    • Recommend right product to the right customers
    • Anticipating customer needs and predict behaviours

The CyborgIntell Impact

Accurate and predictive AI

Accurate and predictive


iTuring AutoAI’s AI agents automatically understand the data and apply the correct techniques to improve the quality of the predictions, building the most accurate machine learning algorithms.


iTuring AutoAI offers continuous learning to improve predictive accuracy in real time. When one model’s accuracy degrades, the system recognises that and prompts the business user to implement a new, more accurate model.

Actionable Data

Fast and actionable


iTuring AutoAI’s  single-click end to end AutoAI platform is a powerful tool for analysis and prediction and puts the power of data science in the hands of business users, regardless of complexity.


With no technical skills required, iTuring AutoAI is easily deployed in real time, providing results instantly. It allows business users to enable EnterpriseAI, build various applications for solving different use cases and make actionable decisions based on predictive intelligence.

Explainable and Trustworthy AI

Explainable and trusted


iTuring AutoAI produces predictions that can be easily interpreted. It explains the logic behind why specific transactions are flagged and how those decisions were reached.


iTuring Auto AI provides compliant and transparent model documentation. This allows teams to better understand the data engineering and model selection process, aiding in the rapid implementation of the algorithms.

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