AI is the most effective way to make improvements to an organisation.  CyborgIntell offers you lightning-fast results that allow staff to make on-the-spot decisions without the need for knowledge of complex technology or data science. These highly accurate predictions guide profitable business decisions in a range of applications for every business and industry type.


In the past, it’s required teams of data scientists, analysts, technologists and expensive hardware to run complicated processes. iTuring gives you full flexibility to run in the cloud or within your own organisation. It’s completely scalable, and provides highly accurate results that give you the ability to drive growth in your organisation.


If you want growth, profitability and explainable predictions, iTuring AutoAI is the only option in the market that gives you everything you need.

iTuring dashboards for executives

What AI and ML can do for your business

A tremendous amount of business value can be realized through the use of AutoAI and ML. AutoAI can be applied to almost any business function – to improve customer satisfaction, improve efficiency, decrease costs, and encourage growth.


From identifying problems in supply chains to predicting cash flows, there is a range of ways AI can make your business more efficient. With accelerated productivity and improved predictive accuracy, there’s nothing holding your business back. AI and ML are the ultimate tools for:

  • Increasing customer base through effective acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Improving efficiencies through better estimation of demand and supply.
  • Reducing risks by predicting fraud and defaults.
  • Optimising costs through targeted, efficient marketing campaigns.
  • Decisioning systems for risk assessment, fraud detection, customer acquisition and retention management.

Why businesses prefer CyborgIntell’s iTuring AutoAI (27)

Real-time results for real-time decisions

Whether it’s approving a customer loan application or detecting and preventing fraud in real time, the speed of iTuring’s predictions allow businesses to make decisions faster.


With iTuring AutoAI, business users can promptly provide insights to complex business problems. All they need to do is upload data, configure the use case, and then iTuring AutoAI does all the work. Within hours, it develops and reviews a range of models with highly accurate, reliable predictions. Unleashing the power of AutoAI and ML with iTuring AutoAI, business executives can make well informed decisions (28)

High prediction accuracy

A prediction is only as good as the data it uses, and iTuring AutoAI understands that. It automatically transforms and improves poor quality data and filters out unwanted variables, creating predictions that are highly accurate.


The models iTuring AutoAI uses are self-managing too. When prediction accuracy drops, the software recognises this and prompts business users to develop a new one that is more accurate, all with the click of a button. A combination of these factors means that iTuring AutoAI consistently produces highly accurate predictions without the huge cost and time investment traditionally associated with the process. This has allowed businesses to make gains in efficiencies, increase profits and create better marketing campaigns that other tools have not allowed them to do.


Low costs

iTuring AutoAI can develop and implement multiple models in parallel to solve a range of business problems, reducing time to make effective business decisions, and optimising effort and costs for your data analysts and administration staff. (29)

Trustworthy and explainable predictions

Fuelled by data and advanced model evaluation techniques with strong visualytics, it becomes easy to understand the predictions. Business owners and boards of directors can trust the results because it’s easy to understand the driving factors and rationale behind the insights at the global level as well as for each individual transaction or customer.

The ROI of AI

A combination of efficient AutoAI processes that minimises effort required, and highly accurate predictions mean that iTuring AutoAI gives your bottom line a helping hand.

  • Reduce

    • Staffing costs by accurately predicting customer volumes
    • Operational inefficiencies by identifying potential cost savings
    • Losses due to fraud by identifying attempts and halting them
    • Ineffective marketing by targeting the right people at the right time

  • Increase

    • Customer satisfaction with seamless processes
    • Sales through targeted marketing and acquisition strategies
    • Stock efficiency through effective forecasting of sales volume
    • Revenue by predicting customer churn and effective retention strategies

If your business needs to improve the bottom line and get ahead, CyborgIntell can show you how to do this today. Don’t waste another quarter implement iTuring AutoAI now and see the benefits straight away.