Data scientists are often assigned with highly complex tasks and expected to work miracles. Incomplete or irregular data, massive unwieldy amounts of information, and tight timeframes are common scenarios.


Often, scientists are expected to use many different systems, to process the data, to identify features and for developing models, often involving a lot of manual work.


iTuring AutoAI makes the life of a data scientist easier, producing accurate, production-ready results.

Power in the hands of the data scientist (24)

Automating the routine

iTuring AutoAI automates a lot of the manual work required in the end to end data science and model development process. It analyses the data, transforms it and improves its quality by taking care of missing values, anomalies and cardinality. iTuring AutoAIā€™s AI agent runs several algorithms, and automatically apply advance statistical methods to identify the best features for the building models. It develops and validates thousands of models in the matter of hours It also applies self-learning adaptive algorithms in real time.. (25)

Efficient and accurate

Multiple models can be developed in parallel and advanced evaluation techniques with strong visual and graphical representations help to easily compare model performance and select the best model to reduce time and effort.

iTuring AutoAI continuous learning capability governs the model accuracy and as the statistics and data changes, the system automatically detects model degeneration. Models can easily be retrained to improve the accuracy, with a single click of a button (26)

Ease of use

Deploying the models into production is incredibly simple. With just one click, the system automatically generates the code to deploy the selected model into production.

Highly intuitive user experience gives the power of AI to the user. Users have more control over what they do in the system and can easily understand and explore models that they are unfamiliar with iTuring AutoAI automatically produces transparent documentation explaining the complete process of model development.


Explainable and trustworthy

All the results are explainable, making it easy to communicate to the business and the management on why one model was selected over another. It also provides an explanation at a customer and transaction level, allowing business to take the right actions.

The models are highly trustworthy, and scientists can drill down into the data and the results to understand the drivers and classifiers of the predictions and see how the results were obtained.

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