Saving lives and improving health outcomes is arguably the most important business in the world. It’s a complex industry that spends almost 10 trillion dollars a year. The capacity for improvement, cost savings, and better patient care is immense.


Assessing data across stakeholders and sources can create huge benefits to everyone in the industry. AI in healthcare can play a major role in turning the large volume of data points into useful, quantitative outputs that yield actionable solutions. The huge volumes of data to manage, from IoT, financial data from providers and payers and patient information, makes the process more complex, but correctly used, machine learning can drive predictions that improve care, lower costs and save lives.

Transform your business with CyborgIntell

In the healthcare industry, time is important and can save lives. CyborgIntell’s iTuring AutoAI platform takes several data points from a variety of sources and creates accurate predictions in a matter of hours. This helps professionals in the healthcare industry make effective and timely decisions.


Providing predictions and information in real time empowers decision makers to create actionable steps that result in positive outcomes. Because these changes can be implemented in real time, it has the ability to continuously learn and ensure it’s the producing the most accurate predictions. When the model’s performance degrades, iTuring AutoAI recognises that and can trigger an alert to retrain the model. This means a constant stream of improvement, with a range of positive outcomes for patients, healthcare providers, payers and suppliers.


iTuring AutoAI can provide positive outcomes across all stakeholders in the system.

  • Patients

    • Identify patients at high risk for disease and take preventive actions
    • Ensure better patient compliance by assessing likelihood of adherence to lifestyle and medication
    • Identify patients most at risk for hospital-acquired conditions or readmission

  • Providers

    • Reduce energy and staffing costs by tracking, analysing and optimising use
    • Predict asset failure and plan for obsolescence by analysing data from sensors on machinery
    • Optimise staff rosters by forecasting patient length of stay and readmission

  • Suppliers

    • Increase uptake by optimising patient marketing with personalised product recommendations
    • Reduce customer churn and increase renewals with effective messaging
    • Forecast sales of product accurately for better supply and demand chain planning

The CyborgIntell Impact

Accurate and predictive


iTuring’s AI agents automatically understand the data and apply the correct techniques to improve the quality of the predictions, building the most accurate machine learning algorithms.


iTuring AutoAI offers continuous learning to improve predictive accuracy in real time. When one model’s accuracy degrades, the system recognises that and prompts the business user to implement a new, more accurate model.

Fast and actionable


iTuring’s single-click end to end AutoAI platform is a powerful tool for analysis and prediction and puts the power of data science in the hands of business users, regardless of complexity.


With no technical skills required, iTuring AutoAI is easily deployed in real time, providing results instantly. It allows business users to enable EnterpriseAI, build various applications for solving different use cases and make actionable decisions based on predictive intelligence.

Explainable and trusted


iTuring AutoAI produces predictions that can be easily interpreted. It explains the logic behind why specific transactions are flagged and how those decisions were reached.


iTuring Auto AI provides compliant and transparent model documentation. This allows teams to better understand the data engineering and model selection process, aiding in the rapid implementation of the algorithms.

Contact us to see a demonstration of how CyborgIntell’s machine learning software can improve health outcomes of patients, create efficiencies and decrease business costs.