CyborgIntell’s iTuring AutoAI is a single-click end to end Auto AI platform that puts the power of data science in the hands of you and your employees without worrying about the complexity.


Upload your data, choose what you want the system to do, and then iTuring does all the work.

iTuring reviews and transforms data and automatically selects features that will produce the most accurate predictions. Within hours, it develops and reviews a range of models to select one that produces highly accurate, reliable predictions.


It’s so simple that anyone can use it.

Check out the various use cases that you can use CyborgIntell’s iTuring AutoAI platform for.

But behind the simple interface lies a complex system that’s at the forefront of AI technology. iTuring AutoAI has been designed by AI experts with client-facing experience as well as a rich background in data science. It resolves prediction and data processing challenges through an AutoAI agent that surpasses all previous limitations of AI and ML .

Auto connectivity and scaling

iTuring AutoAI’s highly evolved ready-to-use APIs mean complete data security and safety while still having full integration with data. iTuring automatically scales computing resources as and when needed.

Auto data engineering

iTuring AutoAI’s analyses and transforms data, improving its quality to produce accurate predictions and minimise false positives. It automaticallycurates data imbalance problems,automatically deals with high cardinal data, transforming categorical variables and filtering outliers to identify hidden patterns and behaviour.

Auto feature engineering

iTuring AutoAI’s AI agents automatically identifies most relevant features of data (using FESO – our proprietary feature engineering framework) to remove un-needed features and then applies best in class techniques to deal with problems in features. This helps to ensure the most robust andaccurate predictions.

Auto model development and evaluation

It tunes parameters automatically and applies self-learning adaptive algorithms in real time. Applies best in class statistical measures for evaluating models and recommends champion models to ensure no maximum predictive accuracy and ROI on business decisions.

Auto model performance monitoring

The proprietary AI module continuously evaluates model performance and triggers an alert for model redevelopment when performance degrades for consistent risk predictions. Real-time on-demand scoring for great customer service.

Auto documentation

iTuring AutoAI automatically produces fully compliant and transparent model documentation to enable thorough audits and team enablement.

Auto explainable AI

iTuring AutoAI explains and interprets predictions of machine learning classifiers and drivers, minimising the gap between data science and staff on-the-ground. This ensures management buy in, which in turn results in timely business actions.

Auto model scoring

iTuring AutoAI deploys any complex machine learning algorithms using Java, PMML & C based API in your own production system. This can be done either in real time or on-demand as required.

Contact us for a demonstration of iTuring AutoAI and how it can revolutionise your business. With an interface simple enough for all business users to operate backed by powerful, clever data science systems, you get the best of both worlds.