Banking & Finance

Due to increasing competition and changing business model, Financialinstitutions are under pressure to retain customer, acquire new customer, improvecustomer experience, prevent fraud losses and reduce cost. To overcome these issues, theycan maximize their data potential and ROI using our AI & Machine Learning platform.

  • Measure customer journey & Centricity
  • Customer Lifetime Value Prediction
  • Deep Behaviour Segmentation (Need, Value, Behaviour & Risk)
  • Adoption, Activation & Utilization Analytics
  • Loyalty Analytics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Retention Strategy
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Revenue & Fee Optimization
  • Product Optimization
  • Next Best Product Recommendation
  • Cross Sell / Up Sell
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Balance and Cash Flow Prediction
  • Channel Alignment & Optimization
  • Marketing Budget & Cost Optimization
  • Response Behaviour Modelling
  • Better customer targeting
  • Campaign Effectiveness
  • Branch Cost Rationalization
  • Call Centre Operations Optimization
  • Fraud Loss Prediction & Mitigation
  • Transaction fraud detection
  • Credit risk Management
  • Collection Analytics
  • Early Warning indicators for NSF
  • Early warning indicators for loan defecation, delinquency, default etc.
  • Loan Decisioning Analytics

Retail Industry

Understanding consumer’s behaviour, needs & wants, catering to their demands is at the core of Retail industry. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning applications can fasten not just the consumer insight mining, however, put these insights & prediction in action. From marketing, merchandizing, inventory to fraud detection, Automated Machine Learning (iTuring) provides an intelligent way to transform retail decision making. iTuring can improve customer experience, reduce sales opportunity loss, increase sales & marketing efforts ROI and improve profitability.

  • Campaign design: Promotion response model, Cross-sell/Up-sell model, Segmentation
  • Loyalty: Acquisition model, Churn model, Customer LTV estimation
  • Demand estimation
  • Assortment Planning & Optimization
  • Product bundling
  • Product Pricing optimization
  • Inventory Threshold estimation
  • Demand estimation
  • Vendor risk prediction
  • Out of stock prediction
  • Return Fraud detection
  • Delivery Fraud Predictive model
  • Credit Risk Model

Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Industry is a mammoth industry with a huge potential data which is untapped at the moment and AI can be used to analyze and democratize this space in order to reduce spending and improve patient experience. In the last decade, Healthcare industry has transformed itself from unstructured to structured EHR, clinical database, payer data, and provider data. Still, this industry has been struggling to utilize their huge database into useful applications. Automated Machine Learning platform can provide the flexibility and speed to create, implement & iterate, advanced predictive solutions to improve patient care & recovery, increase sales & marketing efforts ROI, prevent healthcare claim leakages.

  • Real-time case prioritization & triage
  • Personalized medications & care
  • Predicting repeat visits & proactively ensuring specific care
  • Predictive Diagnosis analytics for early detection
  • Risk based monitoring in clinical trials
  • Sales calls prioritization using predictive model
  • Sample prioritization using predictive model
  • Market segmentation & sales alignment
  • Targeted marketing campaign design
  • Claim Fraud detection
  • Rare disease prediction for early detection & claim reduction
  • Patient risk prediction