IT professionals want tools that are easy to integrate, work seamlessly with other applications, work within business and security guidelines and work every time. iTuring AutoAI has been developed by world class programmers that understand technical needs as well as the desired operational outcomes.

iTuring AutoAI for the IT professional (20)

Ease of integration

iTuring AutoAI can easily connect a variety of data sources and integrate with your core business systems through standard preconfigured APIs. Seamless connectors to live data enables your business to make those critical decisions in real-time. (21)

Scalable and efficient

From a few hundred data points through to millions, iTuring AutoAI handles everything with ease. It can scale the system or hardware usage automatically depending on the task at hand with no extra effort required by system administrators. Additionally, unless required by the customer, there’s no need for expensive hardware or data lakes, as iTuring AutoAI can run entirely in the cloud. (22)


iTuring AutoAI has been developed so that when deployed in the cloud, it maintains high levels of data security .

  • Customer’s data is completely protected in a dedicated virtual private network.
  • All data is completely isolated from all other customers.
  • All the APIs are HTTPS based and fully secured.
  • Security gateway and WAF to protect the app from any web attacks.
  • Data at rest and in transit security is taken care by cryptographically
  • Authentication, authorisation and access controls are fully enabled
Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy and use

Any prediction model that is selected can be easily deployed into production. No coding  skills are required, as iTuring AutoAI automatically generates all the code needed to deploy. Docker containers make it seamless, easy to deploy and scale either in the cloud or on-site.


iTuring AutoAI can be deployed on any general-purpose Linux based hardware, and software upgrades and patches are hassle- free with little to no downtime. We know you don’t want to be stuck at the office running patches at 10 pm.

Sleek, simple and intuitive UI makes iTuring AutoAI a powerful tool in the hands of everyone, from the technical data scientist to the business owner. There’s no need for ongoing assistance for staff, once it’s set up, even those who aren’t computer savvy can easily use iTuring AutoAI.

To see a demonstration of iTuring AutoAI, contact us today. We’ve got the back-end running perfectly so that you only need to worry about the printer breaking down (again).