Suman Singh

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Suman founded CyborgIntell because he could see a gap in the market. Organisations needed effective, fast and accurate predictions that were explainable and understandable. And with his extensive data science and AI background he had a vision of how that could happen.


He has a Master’s in Statistics from CCS HAU, Hissar, and a Bachelor in Agriculture Engineering from BHU, Varanasi. Since his school days, he’s published five papers, established one patent, and was ranked third in the 2014 Innovative Applications in Analytics Award from INFORMS, the leading international association for Analytics professionals.


He’s worked through a variety of roles in both B2B and B2C organisations and across insurance, finance and banking. He’s held key contributor roles in Marketics and Supervalu, a senior leadership role in Fiserv, and was the Chief Analytics Officer for Zafin, where he headed global product development and growth and strategy for analytics.


Suman has travelled and worked across the globe, understanding the nuances of culture in business throughout six continents and over 20 countries. His career has been the perfect path towards the creation of CyborgIntell.


Suman is the brain behind iTuring and leads the strategy, planning, people and product for CyborgIntell. In iTuring, he has pioneered advanced machine learning algorithms in a range of functions across industries and organisations. From day-to-day operational efficiencies that save money and time, to increasing long term profitability by changing how a business operates, he sees massive scope for improvement in any industry and organisation and is focussed on continual learning, perpetual improvement of iTuring.


In his spare time, you’ll find him reading statistics and data science journals, you can imagine he lives and breathes ML and AI. He also enjoys running outdoors and watching movies to give his brain a break.


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