Product Overview

iTuring comprises of the entire metamorphosis of Data treatment to Business Insights using the best analytical and scientific processes: Data engineering to Feature engineering to Model development & Evaluation to Model comparison and helping Organisations to deploy complex Machine Learning algorithms.

iTuring offers an exhaustive Data Science platform, tailored specially to deliver in-house deployment or cloud-based solution.


We bring innovative and novel model evaluation techniques to asses and trust your model. Multidisciplinary model evaluation techniques avoid risk of model performance in real world application.

How iTuring works?

  1. Connect or upload your data
  2. Define your target for prediction or classification
  3. Get statistical insights from your data
  4. Explore importance of features and act on it
  5. Single click to get your most advanced and sophisticated predictive models

Product Features:

1. Data Connector: Connects the data from any database, either relational or no-SQL database. Flexibility of uploading flat files like excel, csv, txt, etc.
2. Auto Data Engineering: AI engine automatically understands the data and performs advance statistical and mathematical algorithms to treat data to improve quality of data and keep it ready for machine learning algorithms – For example: Missing imputation, Outlier treatment, Anomaly, Data Imbalance, etc. Our AI engine performs suitable sampling techniques and creates train, test and external dataset for model development and validation. If data is suffering from imbalance problem, then our AI engine automatically applies right techniques to overcome this issue. Auto Data Transformation: AI agents understand nature of data and apply right transformation & discretization techniques to find non linear or hidden behavior in data.
3. Auto Feature Engineering: AI agent automatically performs feature selection, extraction and optimization (a proprietary feature engineering framework) using advance methods to find out the most relevant features for training algorithms.
4. Auto Algorithm Engineering: Auto ML engine builds thousands of machine learning algorithms in fraction of time and tunes parameters automatically.  Adaptive learning architecture to find out the most accurate ML algorithms with high robustness and accuracy.

5. Auto Model Comparison: iTuring automatically compares thousands of machine learning algorithms across different machine learning families to find out the most accurate predictive model. It offers multiple novel model evaluation techniques for finding most accurate and reliable models.
6. Model Deployment & Scoring: iTuring offers high availability real time scoring platform as well as batch processing-based scoring platform and enables clients to harness power of AI & ML. Seamless integration and deployment process through java-based API, SQL, PMML with a single click.
7. Explainable AI: iTuring offers explainable AI to help businesses to explain the predictions of any machine learning classifier and evaluate its usefulness.  It offers complete details of predictors and drivers with local and global model interpretability.
8. Auto Documentation: Fully compliant and transparent model documentation for audits, model validation team and enabling implementation of algorithms in bank’s environment.
9. Prediction Watchdog: Proprietary module triggers model redevelopment, when performance goes down below threshold. It comes with an added advantage of Real time model performance & evaluation.