E-commerce has changed the face of retail. At the click of a button, customers can compare prices to a range of other suppliers. They can look overseas for cheaper options and find a variety of different styles that they like more. Customers of today are empowered, informed, and demanding. They expect the product they want, when they want it, at the best price.


This accessibility also gives retailers huge opportunities for engaging with their customers. The opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell, create personalised recommendations and develop a whole array of marketing strategies mean that the retailer who does this effectively can acquire a big chunk of market share.


AI and machine learning provide huge opportunities to transform shopper experience and create actionable strategies to improve the supply chain, leading to increased sales, increased efficiency and customer loyalty.

Transform the insurance industry with CyborgIntell

In a world where trends can peak and fall in days, AI and machine learning gives retailers the upper hand. CyborgIntell’s iTuring AutoAI platform takes immense volumes of data and within hours can start giving real-time prediction on consumer behaviour, market demand and buyer insights that are actionable and accurate. This gives retailers maximum time to implement
changes needed to increase sales and reduce operating overheads.


Rather than broad brushstrokes that identify groups of consumers, individualised automated assessments and personalised product recommendations can be made. Whether it’s add-ons or follow-up sales, iTuring AutoAI can identify the customers with the biggest potential, how they are to be targeted, and with which products.


CyborgIntell’s models are highly accurate, enabling agile decision making for growth, cost efficiencies and exceptional marketing strategies.

  • Greater Cost Efficiency

    • Optimization of supply chain processes
    • Decreased overheads through stock optimization
    • Reduced costs due to delays, problems and inconsistencies

  • Increased Revenue

    • Increased customer retention
    • Improved share of wallet and better marketing ROI through targeted campaigns
    • Identify future revenue streams and increase growth in current ones

  • Engage Customers

    • Provide personalised and superior instore experiences
    • Offer tailormade customer journeys across all channels
    • Increased loyalty through need, value and behavior based segmentation

The CyborgIntell Impact

Accurate and predictive


iTuring AutoAI’s AI agents automatically understand the data and apply the correct techniques to improve the quality of the predictions, building the most accurate machine learning algorithms.


iTuring AutoAI offers continuous learning to improve predictive accuracy in real time. When one model’s accuracy degrades, the system recognises that and prompts the business user to implement a new, more accurate model.

Fast and actionable


iTuring AutoAI’s single-click end to end AutoAI platform is a powerful tool for analysis and prediction and puts the power of data science in the hands of business users, regardless of complexity.


With no technical skills required, iTuring AutoAI is easily deployed in real time, providing results instantly. It allows business users to enable EnterpriseAI, build various applications for solving different use cases and make actionable decisions based on predictive intelligence.

Explainable and trusted


iTuring AutoAI produces predictions that can be easily interpreted. It explains the logic behind why specific transactions are flagged and how those decisions were reached.


iTuring Auto AI provides compliant and transparent model documentation. This allows teams to better understand the data engineering and model selection process, aiding in the rapid implementation of the algorithms.

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